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FAE bikes are the network of hundreds of electric scooters in the city that are available to you for point-to-point commute through smartphone unlocking.
We are currently operational in Bangalore. Soon expanding to New Delhi.
As the name suggest, we have a fleet of hundreds of scooters that are electric. No compromise on acceleration, speed and safety – we offer sturdy high speed electric scooters.
Our charges differ by city. Please refer to the link for more information on charges.

Join FAE

We are currently available on Android Playstore. Use the link to download and install FAE bikes App now! Provide your contact details and OTP verify to sign up.
After signing in to the platform, one-time verify the account using your license and ID proof. Sign in the platform and check for the nearest vehicle to reserve it!
Yes! We offer high speed electric vehicles to ensure you do not compromise when it comes to spend and acceleration. This would need you to hold a registered driving license to ride a FAE Bike. However, we need your license for a one-time signup on our platform. We suggest you to keep it with you during ride as the traffic cops may check it.
We require you to provide an additional government ID proof (Ex: Aadhar card, Passport, PAN card etc.) to sign up on the platform. However, this is a one-time process for KYC.

Riding Fae Bikes

The electric scooter you book will include necessary document and a helmet placed in the under-seat storage.
Yes! We provide an additional helmet. However, it is chargeable.
No! Instead, your friend can book a ride by signing-up on the platform.
Not yet! FAE Bikes are strictly meant for intra-city commute. Travel anywhere, everywhere, anytime but, strictly within city premises.

Finding & Parking Fae Bikes

FAE Bikes are spread across the city at designated parking lots. It could be one of the parking lots of a restaurant, a grocery store or public parking place etc., closest to you. To get more detailed view of FAE bikes near you, install the App. here
Once you start riding a FAE bike, App starts showing you the free parking spots around you. Select one of the parking place, navigate there, park and end trip. Simple, isn’t it?
We have all the necessary documents and Helmet covered that are required for you to ride a FAE bike in safety. However, we respect traffic you are responsible for any parking tickets or tow fees the scooter receives during and immediately after your ride. Insurance is included in the cost of the ride but you will be responsible for any damage or insurance claim involving the scooter. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.


We have integrated all the top payment gateways to ensure you have flexibility in paying the bill amount. After the trip, pay the final bill amount using one of the online payment options available on the App.
After you end the trip, before payment, use the coupon code to avail any offer open to you.
Please refer to our Terms and conditions for information on this. Thank you!!
Please refer to our Terms and conditions for information on this. Thank you!!

Tips,Terms & Conditions

Our Customer Service Team is available from 8am to 8pm everyday.If you are not able to reach us, please leave a Message to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Soon! Please write to us at reservations@fae.in about where you stay to know about more details.
Click here for terms and conditions