FAE Cargo

Model Name : FAE Cargo
Battery type : Double battery
Speed : upto 55 km/h
Mileage : upto 150 km (full charge)
Load capacity : upto 300 kg (including the rider)

Why Us

Our Bikes are Fast

Equipped with motors up to _ watts, we have a vast variety of bikes that can go as fast as 55 kmph.

Our Bikes are Affordable

Our bikes are the most economical, responsible and convenient solution for last mile delivery logistics. They have a mileage ranging from 60 up to 150 kms when fully charged.

Our Bikes are Electric

Our mission is to convert petrol vehicle fleets into electric, and we are making great strides with an existing fleet size of 1500!
Electric Scooters for Everyone. Everyday
FAE Storm
Upto 55 km/h
FAE Storm +
Upto 55 km/h
FAE Lite
Upto 25 km/h
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